Recorder   (Does not apply to TVIHD-2 Kit)

                    A Booklet will be issued

1. Do not take SD card out when DVR is working

2. Use original power cable and AV cables

3. Format SD card by DVR system on your first use if required

4. Store the unit in dry and ventilatory environment

5. Use genuine SD card

6. Warranty and free maintenance will be invalidated if you disassemble the unit



Basic instructions


Because the system is running through the recorder, the monitor is best left with factory settings, so no need to touch monitor sensor buttons unless you are changing monitor settings ie Brightness, Colour, etc.


Apply power to recorder.


The system is already preset.  Power is supplied directly to the recorder with the 12v DC provided.  The recorder will automatically start initiating then record every time you apply power.  Remember to delete unwanted files using remote as this will use storage.


You can delete files whilst on record, Press “Stop” then” Esc” to see files,  select “DEL” Yes/No, yes to delete, or to play select "ok" "Play" use arrows left or right to Forward/Rewind.

You can change to manual by going to “Menu” using the remote, select “REC. Mode” then select Manual. 


Enter into system:  Press “Menu” on remote to see the list of options ie time, date, etc.

Choose items to select by using the direction keys.

Confirm your choice: press “OK” "Exit".

12v Dc Power supply


Led Brightness Control

Sd Recorder and remote used with Advance Chimney Cameras
SD Recorderlight indication

Recorder Manufacturers Instructions

Easy User Guide

This guide will show you how to apply guides, use reverse attachments and operate recorder

Attaching Guide to Camera 

 Instructions for all J90 Camera Holders


1.  Remove grubscrew from universal attachment slide guide over and tighten grub screw within the guide. 

Guide is not required in most liners

Use allen key to remove grubscrew

Use allen key to remove guide

Use allen key to adjust tilt

Reverse Attachment

The reverse attachment simply allows you to view downwards.

1. Screw the camera to the attachment and tighten the grub screw once the required position has been reached. 

2. Screw on the plunger to the top to act as a buffer

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