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The 5MP Camera comes with 15m, 4.2mm thick cable, sapphire glass, unscrewable changeable cable.  The camera holder is made of aluminium for maximum protection with aluminium leading guide, plus a plastic skid for liners. The camera tilt enables you to fix the camera in position up to 90degrees. Our cameras are fitted with a 3/4 universal rod coupling.  All good rod companies can provide an adapter.  We supply and fit Snaplok adaptors at a reasonable cost.  


4K Recording Monitor 10.1",  touch screen 1280*800px. This system also has a microphone so you can verbally record your observations. 

Comes with a TF card and the WiFi option which enables you to download videos and snapshots to your phone.


12V AC adapter to recharge the monitor.  Being a portable monitor there is a strap provided plus a sun visor.  


The case provided is a heavy duty flight case with solid ball corners.


Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 360 x 135mm (Exterior), 410 x 340 x 120mm (Interior)






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