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"Introducing the J90AHD10 TOUCH SCREEN WiFi system, featuring a rechargeable HD 10.1-inch monitor with a 5MP AHD digital noise reduction 12-led camera. The 15m cable is 4.2mm thick, and the system includes sapphire glass with an unscrewable, changeable cable.

Record and take snapshots easily, with the added convenience of a microphone for verbal observations. The system includes a TF card and WiFi option, allowing you to download images and snapshots to your phone. Recharge the monitor with the 12V AC adapter.

It's a portable monitor with a strap, sun visor, and a heavy-duty flight case with carry handles, butterfly locks, and solid ball corners. The exterior dimensions are 430 x 360 x 135mm, while the interior dimensions are 410 x 340 x 120mm.

The system also includes an aluminum centralizing guide for using your preferred whip length. The J90 CAMERA HOLDER, made from high-grade nylon, provides maximum protection for chimneys. The tilt feature allows fixing the camera at a little over 90 degrees,  3/4 universal fitting. All good rod companies can provide adapters, and Snaplok adapters are available at a reasonable cost."





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