J90-8 LED Kit Chimney Inspection Camera DVR 1 channel support 64GB sd cardRecordable



Ideal for liners


J90-8 led Kit comes with with 8 bright white leds which means this is in permanent colour.


The kit includes: 

  • 15 m of fitted cable
  • 1 Guide for chimneys which slides over the universal fitting to help centalise the camera
  • 12v DC 2 Amp plug plus 5m extention cable
  • 9" Fixed 800 x 480 Pixels monitor
  • Reverse attachment 


This analogue Camera will tilt a little over 90 degrees and is fitted with a universal thread as standard, attachments to universal are available from most good rod companies.


Camera J90-8 Led in holder Approx 135mm x 45mm

Case Dimensions 400 x 240 x 125cm May come in black or silver

J90-8 LED Kit

  • The J90 camera casing is the only kind in the UK that has a suspended camera holder which helps protect againts impact, a reverse attachment will be included so camera can view in the downward position.

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